When the renowned British girl band, All Saints, was set to support Take That during the Wonderland Tour, they turned to JAM Creative for the creation of captivating screen graphics to complement their stage entrance. The music track for the intro was a compelling anthem of unity titled "Strong, together we are one" that carried militaristic undertones, specially crafted for the tour. 

JAM Creative took the lead in developing the creative concept for the visuals and collaborated closely with the quartet - Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis, and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton. The goal was to produce a visually stunning sequence that would merge silhouetted outlines of the group members with sparse yet vibrant backdrops.

All Saints - Together we are as one - copy.jpg

The concept aimed to mirror body movements into profile outlines, incorporate shadow effects with military salutes, and build an enticing visual without revealing the full appearances of the performers, creating an air of anticipation for their stage appearance. Each band member was filmed individually and their shots were combined in post-production to create seamless transitions.

For certain shots, JAM Creative employed a Translum – a thin semi-transparent sheeting – to capture subtle hand movements, facial expressions, and gentle rhythmic motions against a diffused backdrop. 

Natlie Appleton - All Saints - Together we are as one -

The interplay of light and shadow would be essential to convey the desired atmosphere.

Leveraging their in-house post-production expertise, JAM Creative meticulously crafted the final visuals, resulting in a powerful and visually arresting sequence that matched the stature of one of the UK's most accomplished pop acts. The Wonderland Tour spanned nine venues across the UK, reaching millions of fans, and the intro sequence received widespread acclaim from both fans and industry insiders for its impact and creativity.

Melanie Blatt - All Saints - Together we are as one - copy.jpg
All Saints - Together we are as one - copy.jpg
Natlie Appleton - All Saints - Together we are as one -
Melanie Blatt - All Saints - Together we are as one - copy.jpg


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