When internationally acclaimed television presenter and influential advocate for healthy living, Amanda Byram, embarked on the launch of her inaugural sportswear collection, Body By Byram, she recognised the prowess of JAM Creative to shape her vision into a comprehensive brand experience. The journey encompassed an all-encompassing 360-degree solution, from the initial brand blueprint to the realisation of a fully-fledged brand presence.

The collaboration marked a long-term partnership, stemming from Amanda Byram's aspiration to manifest a lifelong dream. Renowned for her roles in TV shows like Total Wipeout, The Swan, Paradise Hotel, and the Big Breakfast, Amanda sought JAM's expertise in translating her vision into a market-ready brand.

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The journey commenced with strategic consultation and guidance on brand development, charting a course for maximum impact. Throughout the process, JAM's involvement spanned the creation of brand materials, extending from garment labels to the captivating look book that showcased the collection to influential buyers at esteemed retailers like Harrods, Selfridges, Arnotts, and Brown Thomas.

At the heart of the brand's emergence was the ecommerce platform, JAM's expertise extended to crafting a seamless online shopping experience, attracting thousands of visitors monthly as the brand's launch generated substantial buzz within the UK and Irish media. With Amanda Byram's celebrity status and her role as the brand's ambassador, the visual representation demanded nothing short of excellence.

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JAM's lens captured every facet of the brand, from campaign shots to e-commerce photography. The imagery needed to exude the luxurious status emblematic of the Body By Byram brand. This quest for perfection led to photoshoots in London studios, meticulously overseen by JAM. Additionally, the collaboration extended to the launch campaign photography session with renowned celebrity photographer Sarah Dunn, set amidst the iconic Vasquez Rocks in California.

The results were resounding – a stunning and harmonious brand launch that resonated deeply with audiences. The brand's debut was met with fervour, leading to a rapid sell-out of products within weeks of release. The collaboration between Amanda Byram and JAM Creative had not only brought a vision to life but had elevated it to a realm of luxury, style, and success.

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