When Ballymore was poised to introduce their innovative urban quarter known as Dublin Landings in the vibrant docklands of Dublin, they turned to JAM Creative to craft a captivating film for a TV and multi-channel marketing campaign. The goal was to showcase the exceptional architecture and the lively cultural scene that were thriving within and around this remarkable development.

Ballymore's vision was to create a film that would capture the essence of Dublin's fabric and the industrial heritage of the docklands while appealing to a younger demographic. Furthermore, as Dublin witnessed an influx of tech giants and the resulting synergy of ideas and energy, it was imperative to communicate that Dublin Landings was not just a living space, but a dynamic neighbourhood fostering commerce, innovation, community, and collaboration.

Ballymore_Oxley - Cafe - Dublin Landings - copy.webp

The filming spanned three days on-location, featuring a diverse cast of actors and extras engaged in various scenarios such as shopping, dining, working, and more. Intertwined with these real-world elements, the post-production team then seamlessly incorporated photorealistic 3D renders of the completed buildings. These renders provided a glimpse into life at Dublin Landings, illustrating the effortless blend of home, work, culture, and leisure in a thriving community. To intensify the emotional impact, compositing techniques were deftly employed in the edit suite, ensuring that the camera maintained a dynamic movement, transitioning ingeniously between scenes. This cinematic approach metaphorically conveyed the experience of living along the River Liffey's banks in the heart of such a dynamic environment.

Ballymore_Oxley - Samuel Beckett Bridge - Dublin Landings - copy.webp

The outcome was an engaging film that generated excitement and showcased Dublin Landings as a prestigious commercial hub within the Irish capital. The development became a pivotal element of a new city block, highlighting its significance.

The success of this campaign cemented a lasting creative partnership between Ballymore and JAM Creative. Subsequently, JAM has become a trusted collaborator, producing leading video marketing content for Ballymore's multimillion-pound London developments, including notable projects such as Good Luck Hope, Embassy Gardens, The Brentford Project, Wardian, Cross Harbour, and City Island, among others.

Ballymore - Dublin Landings - Blonde Girl Looking Up
Ballymore_Oxley - Cafe - Dublin Landings - copy.webp
Ballymore_Oxley - Samuel Beckett Bridge - Dublin Landings - copy.webp
Ballymore - Dublin Landings - Blonde Girl Looking Up


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