When UK garage and R&B sensation Craig David unveiled his eighth studio album titled "22" under the TS5 Label and Moor records, the creative expertise of JAM Creative naturally came to the forefront for designing and executing the album's cover artwork. With a longstanding relationship that encompassed graphic design, photography, retouching, live sessions, filming tours, and even producing music videos, JAM Creative was deeply intertwined with Craig and his management. 

The album cover was destined to encapsulate Craig's 22-year journey in the spotlight and the cosmic implications of the number 22. It symbolized destiny, fate, and the power of cosmic manifestation in his career. Drawing from this profound narrative, JAM Creative embarked on a journey to capture this essence through a single, powerful image.

The final result depicts Craig confidently striding forward under the radiant light of a full moon. The moon's glow represents both his celestial journey and the ever-watchful spotlight that accompanies a life in the public eye.

Craig David feat Duvall - my heart's been waiting for you -

Around him lies a rugged wilderness, contrasting with his impeccably staged attire, symbolising the necessity of presenting perfection in the limelight. The colour palette, dominated by a regal purple hue, speaks to wisdom and knowledge amassed over his decades-long journey.

The album cover was the culmination of a multi-single campaign, encompassing artwork for singles like "Who You Are" featuring MNEK and "My Heart’s Been Waiting for You" featuring Duvall. JAM Creative's collaboration extended to crafting the CD artwork and deluxe versions, as well as a 24-page album booklet.

Simultaneous to the album's launch was Craig's autobiography "What’s Your Vibe?" published by Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Books. JAM Creative's intimate connections with both Fearne and Craig led to their involvement in designing the book cover, seamlessly aligning with the colour scheme that defined the album campaign.

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To complete the campaign, JAM Creative designed the artwork for the 'Hold That Thought' UK Arena Tour. The tour, met with critical acclaim and rapid ticket sales, relied heavily on the album artwork's creative direction.

The iconic image of Craig performing in front of a full moon, reminiscent of the silhouette on the cover, added a striking visual element to the live performances.

In essence, JAM Creative's artistic journey alongside Craig David produced an album artwork that captured the artist's evolution and cosmic significance. Through a single image, they wove a tale of cosmic destiny, the spotlight's gaze, and the wisdom that accompanies a lifelong journey. This artistic collaboration extended beyond the album cover, shaping the visual narrative of the entire campaign, the autobiography, and the live arena tour, ultimately crafting a cohesive and impactful visual identity for "22."

Craig David - 22 -
Craig David - 22 -
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