In the vibrant summer of 2019, singer, songwriter, and international sensation Craig David unveiled his new single "Do You Miss Me Much" from the "Hold That Thought" album. The track marked a triumphant return to the iconic old-school garage sound that had initially propelled Craig into the limelight. With an uplifting summer vibe and a powerful wave of nostalgia, the single called for a music video that would transport viewers across time and emotions.

Stepping up to this creative challenge, JAM Creative masterminded a captivating concept that captured the essence of nostalgia through a time travel narrative. The video opens with Craig David transitioning from his contemporary luxury surroundings to a pirate radio station reminiscent of the late 1990s. This journey serves as the backdrop for the artist to lay down the track and transmit its energetic soundwaves back to the present day.

Craig David - Do you miss me much - Green screen -

To ensure a captivating experience for viewers of all ages, JAM Creative skilfully combined various elements. A period set design was meticulously crafted to recreate the humble beginnings of Craig's musical journey. The incorporation of green screen technology and impressive visual effects (VFX) ensured that the story resonated with both old and new audiences. Projection mapping added an enchanting touch, creating the illusion that Craig was performing from within the very soundwaves he was transmitting.

The three-day shoot was a multifaceted endeavour that embraced diverse locations and talents. The first day took place at Jet Studios, London, where JAM and a specialised team constructed the pirate radio station set. Craig's principal performance, including the projection mapping elements, unfolded in this setting.

Craig David - Do you miss me much - Set Design -

The second day brought a location shoot to Fulham, London, collaborating with local community groups to engage over 30 extras who brought their unique talents to the video, from footballers and dancers to stunt bikers. Chudi Okoye orchestrated the choreography, contributing to the video's dynamic visuals. The final day ventured to a luxury house location for Craig's intro, outro, and other promotional elements for the video.

In essence, Sony Records entrusted JAM Creative Consultancy to conceptualise, produce, and develop a pop promo video that encapsulated the essence of the music in a visually exciting and distinctive manner. The outcome was a film that ingeniously employed transitions, projection mapping, and VFX to transport Craig David back to his youth, weaving a tale of transmitting soundwaves across the London sky. With over 1.5 million views on YouTube, the track proved to be a resounding summer hit, enveloping audiences in a nostalgic journey crafted by JAM Creative.

Craig David - Do you miss me much - Projection Mapping -
Craig David - Do you miss me much - Green screen -
Craig David - Do you miss me much - Set Design -
Craig David - Do you miss me much - Projection Mapping -


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