When Craig David and MNEK joined forces for their uplifting duet "Who You Are," the first single from Craig's highly anticipated album "22," there was no doubt that JAM Creative was the perfect choice for designing and executing the single's artwork.

The song, with its upbeat message of embracing someone for their true self, required artwork that could visually convey its essence and resonate with fans of both artists. With several stakeholders involved, including Sony Records, the two artists, and their respective management teams, JAM Creative's creative talents were put to the test. However, their innovative ideas and vision left everyone in unanimous agreement that the artwork would elevate the visual experience surrounding the song's release.

The artwork theme for "Who You Are" featuring MNEK needed to align with the overall inspiration for the "22" album artwork.

Craig_David + MNEK - Who_You_Are - 22-

"22" held special significance for Craig as he entered the 22nd year of his career, and it also held spiritual wisdom for those who believed in cosmic destiny. Thus, JAM crafted a multi-layered campaign that considered each single's artwork and how it would seamlessly connect to the eventual album release.

The resulting artwork is a stunning visual odyssey through the night sky, with Craig and MNEK gracefully falling under the soft, glowing light of a full moon. The dynamic scene beautifully captures the essence of the song's message and adds a touch of celestial wonder.

JAM Creative's close collaboration with Craig and his management over the years allowed them to understand his artistic vision and bring it to life in the artwork.

Craig David - MNEK - Who You Are - 22-

Their ability to listen, plan, and creatively direct ensured a cohesive and engaging visual representation of the album and its singles.

The final artwork is a breath-taking visual journey through the night sky, with Craig David positioned within a galactic nebula of stars masterfully shaped into a heart. The artwork encapsulates the emotion and energy of the song, creating an immediate connection with the audience.

JAM Creative's history of collaboration with Craig and his management allowed them to intimately grasp his artistic vision, translating it seamlessly into the artwork. Their adeptness at listening, planning, and creatively directing culminated in a coherent and captivating visual representation of the album and its individual singles.

Craig_David + MNEK - Who You Are -
Craig_David + MNEK - Who_You_Are - 22-
Craig David - MNEK - Who You Are - 22-
Craig_David + MNEK - Who You Are -




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