To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Escort, Ford collaborated with Jam Creative to create a film highlighting the car's remarkable success in motorsport, both on tarmac and gravel. The film, narrated by Peter Windsor, aimed to capture the essence of the Escort's motorsport legacy using a blend of traditional documentary filmmaking techniques and innovative 3D animation.

One of the standout features of the film was the use of 3D animation to enhance the storytelling.

Ford - Ford 50th Anniversary - archive -

It showcased a virtual world where a Ford Escort stood before a wall of screens, each highlighting key moments and triumphs from the car's illustrious half-century history in motorsport. 

The film also included interviews with various well-known figures who paid homage to the Ford Escort. Interviewees ranged from journalists and motorsport historians to rally drivers, both past and present, as well as individuals who played pivotal roles in Ford's motorsport success over the decades.

Ford - Ford 50th Anniversary -

Additionally, the film featured archival footage, sourced in collaboration with the team at Beaulieu and their Ford Motorsport archive, offering viewers a treasure trove of historical moments.

In summary, Jam Creative employed cutting-edge filming and editing techniques to craft a documentary that celebrated the remarkable journey of an iconic car. Upon its release on Ford's channels and syndication across various platforms, the film received widespread acclaim and became an integral part of the coordinated celebration for a car that many consider the "greatest of them all."

Ford - Ford_50th Anniversary -
Ford - Ford 50th Anniversary - archive -
Ford - Ford 50th Anniversary -
Ford - Ford_50th Anniversary -


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