When Ford introduced the latest iteration of their iconic car, the Ford Mustang, they orchestrated a comprehensive event in Nice, France, where journalists from across Europe could experience the vehicle first-hand. Over the span of two weeks, JAM Creative played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of the event, showcasing the car's performance on the stunning roads of the French Riviera.

By day, JAM Creative's team was on-site to film the Ford Mustang in action as it navigated the picturesque landscapes of Southern France.

Ford - Ford Mustang - Driver Experience - copy.jpg

The goal was to capture the car's dynamic capabilities while also conducting interviews with the journalists who had the opportunity to drive it. The filming techniques employed included drone flights, mounted cameras on the car, filming cars and additional vehicles to ensure that the film crew stayed ahead of the journalists on a predefined route.

During the evening portion of the event, the journalists were invited to an interactive environment crafted by experiential specialists Envy. This immersive setup featured a range of installations designed to provide deeper insights into the car's features, unique attributes, and the benefits to consumers when integrating into the broader Ford ecosystem.

Ford - Ford Mustang Driver Experience - copy.jpg

Aside from capturing the proceedings on film, JAM also conducted interviews with the journalists to gather their thoughts on the overall driving experience. These interviews were compiled into a comprehensive internal research film used by both Envy and Ford to refine their offerings for future events.

In summary, JAM Creative employed cutting-edge filming and editing techniques to document the journalists' journey throughout the event and create a series of compelling films that showcased the Ford Mustang's performance, features, and the immersive experience provided to the participants.

Ford - Ford Mustang Driver Experience Monaco -
Ford - Ford Mustang - Driver Experience - copy.jpg
Ford - Ford Mustang Driver Experience - copy.jpg
Ford - Ford Mustang Driver Experience Monaco -


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