When Greydoor Publishing was established, their goal was to create a premium lifestyle magazine for modern travellers called The Concierge. This magazine would be available in both print and digital formats, distributed in numerous hotels and destinations worldwide, providing an enjoyable reading experience for tourists around the globe.

Recognising the need for a distinct and captivating brand, the founders turned to JAM Creative to develop the entire brand identity from the ground up. JAM's services encompassed various aspects, including logo design, creation of a brand bible and style guide, and the development and implementation of a website.

Greydoor Publishing - logo - .jpg
Greydoor Publishing - logo - .jpg

The outcome was a youthful brand that immediately set itself apart from its competitors. The Concierge exuded luxury and sophistication, standing as a finely crafted publication. What set it further apart was its substantial editorial content, offering readers a curated reading experience that went beyond mere information, elevating it above typical in-hotel free publications.

Working in collaboration with Les Clefs d’Or USA and their member concierges, each edition of The Concierge is tailor-made to suit the host hotel and city. It provides readers with a compelling narrative about the hotel's services and the city's culture, covering a wide range of topics such as dining, shopping, nightlife, and unique experiences. 

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Simultaneously, the magazine offers local businesses a platform to advertise to tourists and business visitors.

JAM played an integral role not only in conceptualising the magazine but also in creating the pilot edition that served as the launching point for the sales team when approaching luxury hotels, golf resorts, and spas.

Over time, The Concierge magazine has evolved into an industry standard. Its presence in a hotel has become a symbol of distinction, enhancing the luxury travel experience and adding value to the stay of discerning travellers.



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