When Bahamian RnB sensation Keeya joined forces with renowned producer Maestro The Baker, the result was the soulful anthem "I Got You" – an ode to self-love, family, community, and fans. With a musical collaboration that carried immense depth and emotion, the music deserved an equally captivating visual representation.

Alacran Records, no stranger to the creative prowess of JAM Creative, once again enlisted their expertise to direct and produce the music video. The concept JAM conceived hinged on a simple yet highly effective technique: the use of chroma green paint, creating striking visuals that would be enhanced through post-production.

Keeya - I Got You - Chroma Key Green -

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which had imposed lockdowns and travel restrictions, the shoot persevered. Keeya's hometown in the Bahamas provided the backdrop, but the solution to the logistical hurdles was innovative. Keeya was placed in a greenscreen studio, covered in green chroma key paint, paving the way for a vibrant array of colors and scenes to be seamlessly added in post-production.

JAM Creative expertly collaborated with local film crews, directing the shoot remotely to ensure a smooth transition from filming to editing. With their in-house capabilities encompassing animation, graphic design, and editing, JAM provided an end-to-end solution, showcasing their proficiency as filmmakers.

Keeya - I Got You - Green screen -

The result was a visually captivating pop promo that resonated with Keeya's devoted fanbase while enchanting new listeners. Beyond the music video, JAM Creative's influence extended to crafting the single artwork and collaborating with Keeya to develop her distinctive logo.

In essence, JAM Creative's partnership with Keeya illuminated the potential of music visuals. Their ability to navigate challenges, innovate under constraints, and translate musical emotions into striking visuals showcased their dynamic skill set. The "I Got You" music video emerged not only as a celebration of Keeya's musical journey but also as a testament to JAM Creative's mastery of storytelling through visual artistry.

Keeya - I Got You -
Keeya - I Got You - Chroma Key Green -
Keeya - I Got You - Green screen -
Keeya - I Got You -


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