From 2017 to 2019, Rapid Tech, a groundbreaking television show, ventured into the intricate world of motorsport engineering and technology. With the expertise of Peter Windsor, Craig Scarborough, and Julia Piquet, this program embarked on a captivating two-year journey of 36 episodes, enlightening viewers about the engineering prowess that fuels the motorsport industry. Motorsport TV provided the platform for this insightful exploration. The show's appeal lies in its ability to demystify the high-tech universe of motorsport through an engaging blend of 2D and 3D animations, dynamic graphics, comprehensible explanations, up-to-date news, enlightening perspectives, and exclusive interviews with the luminaries of motor racing. This comprehensive approach ensures that the intricacies of the engineering behind the spectacle become accessible to audiences of all backgrounds.

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Rapid Tech's lens spans across all eras of motorsport history - past, present, and future. Each episode takes the audience on an illuminating journey, delving into the latest technological innovations across various racing disciplines, including Formula 1, Formula E, WRC, and Indycar. However, this show is more than just a spotlight on contemporary marvels; it is a testament to the enduring impact of engineering excellence. The program pays homage to the iconic shifts in design and engineering that have indelibly shaped 20th-century motorsport. Exclusive to Motorsport TV, Rapid Tech was conceptualised, filmed, and produced by the accomplished team at Jam Creative. Nestled within the Richmond green screen studios, the show's seamless fusion of captivating content and immersive visuals is a testament to Jam Creative's prowess in the realm of production.

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Notably, Rapid Tech's influence extended beyond its screen presence. Jam Creative's role was not limited to content creation - they also pioneered the design and development of the green screen studio where the show came to life. This holistic approach allowed for a harmonious integration of technical excellence and creative storytelling. The show's impact resonated with a diverse audience, appealing to engineering enthusiasts, motorsport aficionados, and everyone in between. Rapid Tech's ability to bridge the gap between the complex world of engineering and the broader viewership attests to its unparalleled ability to educate, entertain, and inspire. In its exploration of motorsport's technological marvels, Rapid Tech becomes a beacon of knowledge, unveiling the hidden layers of innovation that drive the heart of motorsport.

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