When the global PR agency PHA Group was entrusted with the mission of creating a live stream featuring the celebrity cooking couple Lisa Faulkner and John Torode for their client, Ninja cookware, they turned to the expertise of JAM Creative. The outcome was an entertaining and captivating cooking show format that reached food enthusiasts and fans of the celebrity duo on a global scale.

The core concept revolved around a "Valentine’s Cook and Quiz" in which John and Lisa, utilising Ninja cookware, showcased their culinary expertise by preparing a masterful meat-based course and a delightful dessert.

NINJA - John Torode -

This effectively crafted a two-course meal that aimed to assist viewers in impressing their loved ones on Valentine's Day. Simultaneously, as they expertly prepared these dishes, they engaged in a light-hearted couple’s game named "steak or cake," designed to add an extra layer of entertainment and engagement for the audience.

Leading up to the broadcast, fans had the opportunity to submit questions about the celebrity couple. During the 45-minute live broadcast, John and Lisa answered these questions using "Mr. and Mrs." style paddles – one featuring a steak and the other a cake. The results were often humorous, creating an environment that allowed the couple’s chemistry to shine.

NINJA - Lisa Faulkner -

The production took place at N5 Studios in London. JAM Creative, in addition to scripting and designing the game, took on the role of lead producers and multi-camera directors. Alongside the live broadcast, JAM Creative also provided video content and photography for the extensive multi-channel campaign associated with the event.

The final result was a resounding success, providing audiences with an opportunity to interact with the celebrity couple in real time. Ninja, PHA Group, as well as the two presenters and the multitude of fans, all expressed their satisfaction with the event. This fruitful collaboration has led to ongoing partnerships with all involved parties.

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