When the iconic surf rock band REEF made their triumphant return with the Top 20 album "Shoot Me Your Ace," produced by none other than Andy Taylor of Duran Duran, they knew they needed a creative partner to capture the essence of their music visually. Once again, they turned to JAM Creative, who had previously worked with the band and had successfully delivered exceptional results.

The band enlisted JAM Creative to art direct and photograph a session at their rehearsal studios in Exeter, UK. The goal was to create eye-catching visuals that would complement the album's release and upcoming tour. Given the band's reputation for delivering soulful performances and their strong fan base, the pressure was on to produce images that resonated with their audience.

Nathan Curran - Reef -

JAM Creative's seasoned production team played a vital role in the shoot's success. Their easy rapport with the band and their management allowed for a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, ensuring that everyone felt comfortable and at ease throughout the process. With a tight schedule due to the band's imminent summer tour preparations, the team had to act swiftly and make quick decisions to capture the shots without disrupting the band's rehearsals.

Over the course of two days, JAM Creative executed various set-ups and individual portraits with each band member: Gary Stringer (lead vocals),Jack Bessant (bass),Jesse Wood (guitar),Nathan Curran (drums),and Andy Taylor (producer/guitar). The result was a diverse collection of visually stunning and emotive images that showcased the band's passion and dedication to their craft.

Jack Bessant - Reef -

These captivating photographs served a multitude of purposes. They were used in press releases and social media campaigns to promote REEF's new album and singles, generating excitement and anticipation among fans. Additionally, the images became striking poster imagery for their highly anticipated sell-out UK tour, adding to the buzz surrounding the band's comeback.

In conclusion, JAM Creative's collaboration with REEF for their "Shoot Me Your Ace" album photoshoot not only reinforced their strong working relationship but also resulted in a compelling visual narrative that captured the spirit of this iconic surf rock band. The imagery conveyed the raw energy and passion that define REEF's music, resonating with their dedicated fan base and drawing new admirers into the world of this legendary band.

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