Opayo, formerly known as Sage, offers accounting software that plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of businesses. When Opayo aimed to capture a series of testimonials from a diverse range of customers, they enlisted the expertise of JAM Creative Agency to create testimonial films that not only demonstrated the software's utility but also its importance to businesses of all sizes. The project involved traversing the UK and Europe in search of authentic testimonials and relevant footage to accompany each customer's story.

The first testimonial featured residential architects, Poulsom/Middleshurst, and was filmed across various locations in London, all condensed into a single day. To maintain authenticity, all individuals featured in the films were not professional actors. Therefore, the creative team and crew ensured a relaxed and natural atmosphere on set, vital for the success of the project

Sage - Soapsmith - factory -

In post-production, compositing techniques were utilized, particularly with computer and smartphone screens, to effectively showcase the Sage software.

The campaign continued with British luxury watch brand, Bremont, based in Henley-upon-Thames. Founders Giles and Nick English discussed their journey and partnership with Sage, emphasizing the significance of its award-winning accountancy software. Drone filming was used to capture stunning visuals of the watchmaker's base, factory, and Mayfair shop, adding depth to the narrative.

The third film featured Samantha Jameson, owner and founder of boutique soap brand Soapsmith in East London. The testimonial was filmed on location in her factory and concession store, with great attention to authenticity and maintaining the high quality expected from a global brand like Sage.

Sage - Soapsmith - Testimonials -

The series culminated with an interview at Jaguar Land Rover's Whitley HQ. Filming took place on-site, and numerous European locations were visited to capture visuals that complemented the testimonial. 

In summary, each film required meticulous planning and extensive pre-production to ensure all elements were in place for the shoot days that took the crew across the UK and Europe. Despite the planning, the emphasis remained on capturing genuine testimonials, necessitating adaptability to ensure the relevant footage was obtained for each story.

The result of this complex, months-long production with multiple stakeholders was a compelling and cinematically produced campaign that effectively showcased the personal stories at the core of accounting software.

Sage - Soapsmith - Samantha -
Sage - Soapsmith - factory -
Sage - Soapsmith - Testimonials -
Sage - Soapsmith - Samantha -


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