"Space Man" stands as a captivating song by the talented singer-songwriter Sam Ryder, released under Parlophone Records. This composition took the honour of representing the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Garnering praise from critics and becoming a fan favourite, the song's depth and impact were undeniable resulting in victory for the Brit.

When tasked with designing the single's cover artwork, JAM Creative dived into the song's lyrical essence, aiming to encapsulate its narrative within a single image. "Space Man" unfolds as Sam Ryder's introspective journey into an astronaut's view of home.

Sam Ryder - space man -

Amid the vast expanse of space, he gains a "bird's eye view" of Earth and mingles with the stars, yet an underlying homesickness tugs at his heart. Floating alone in space, Ryder yearns for home, crooning, "There's nothing but space, man, and I wanna go home." JAM's artistic interpretation of the cover art captures this sentiment in a subtle yet powerful way.

The cover art features Sam Ryder in an abstract setting, gazing away from the camera, symbolising his introspection and longing. Overlaying this central image is a ghostly duplicate of himself, facing the opposite direction. 

Sam Ryder - Spaceman - Platimum party.jpg

This artistic choice effectively conveys the theme of loneliness amidst fame and the necessity to present an alternate persona to the world. This resonates especially in an era dominated by social media, where avatars and public personas often diverge from inner realities.

The song achieved tremendous success, propelling Sam Ryder into the limelight. As he embarked on a promotional tour for "Space Man," including a televised performance at the Platinum Party at the Palace, JAM Creative remained involved, creating a special edition cover artwork for the event. This collaboration not only encapsulated the song's emotional depth but also contributed to the song's widespread recognition and acclaim.

Sam Ryder - Spaceman - Platinum Jubilee Edit -
Sam Ryder - space man -
Sam Ryder - Spaceman - Platimum party.jpg
Sam Ryder - Spaceman - Platinum Jubilee Edit -


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