When Simba mattresses secured Gareth Bale, the then Welsh football captain and Real Madrid Galactico, as the face of their "Power of a Perfect Sleep" campaign, they sought to create an imaginative and visually striking photographic campaign. The goal was to depict Bale hovering above the meticulously engineered layers of a Simba mattress, emphasising the idea of achieving the ideal sleep experience.

JAM Creative was chosen to bring this vision to life, tasked with producing the artwork that would effectively connect the visual image to the campaign's message and the Simba brand.

Simba - Gareth Bale - Jam Creative Consultancy.jpg

 This project required close collaboration between JAM Creative, the creative director, photographer, and Simba's in-house marketing team to ensure that the final output matched the initial concept.

The creative direction for the campaign led to the creation of a multi-coloured and ethereal background with a soothing purple hue, symbolising the luxury and tranquillity of a peaceful night's sleep. Gareth Bale was artfully positioned above the mattress, with six distinct layers of the mattress and responsive memory foam stacked beneath him. 

Simba - Gareth Bale - Perfect Sleep Campaign -

This composition served to convey Bale's endorsement of Simba as the provider of what is often described as the world's most advanced mattress, and his personal favourite for a restful night's sleep.

Given the high-profile nature of the campaign and the involvement of numerous stakeholders, JAM Creative ensured clear and effective communication throughout the project. The result was a campaign that featured Gareth Bale's posters on buses, billboards, and various advertising spaces. This project demonstrated JAM Creative's ability to enhance a campaign at any stage of its development and its dedication to achieving excellence in the finished product.

Simba - Gareth Bale - Perfect Sleep photoshoot -
Simba - Gareth Bale - Jam Creative Consultancy.jpg
Simba - Gareth Bale - Perfect Sleep Campaign -
Simba - Gareth Bale - Perfect Sleep photoshoot -


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