When the iconic pop quintet, Steps, unleashed their third greatest hits album under the banner of Sony Music Entertainment, the creative teams from both the record label and the band recognized that JAM Creative was the ideal collaborator to bring their artistic vision to life. Charged with producing the album artwork, deluxe booklet, and a series of special edition covers, JAM Creative embarked on a journey to capture the essence of the band's illustrious career.

The central theme for the album cover centred on placing the quintet within a virtual room, enveloped by an impressive collection of their platinum and multiplatinum selling records. This homage to Whitney Houston’s Greatest Hits album showcased Steps' own remarkable journey. To bring this concept to fruition, JAM Creative engaged in a tight-knit collaboration with the band, the creative shoot team, and photographer Diana Gomez.

Steps - Platinum Collection -

This collaboration ensured a seamless fusion between the shoot day and the subsequent post-production process. JAM Creative's expertise was then harnessed to employ various techniques, from compositing and retouching to 3D animation, resulting in a masterful cover that flawlessly captured the essence of the band's longevity and success.

In addition, a series of limited edition covers were developed with a visual narrative that revolved around a stunning concept: each band member—Lee Latchford-Evans, Claire Richards, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer, and Ian "H" Watkins—was depicted in outfits seemingly crafted from liquid platinum. This bespoke approach set the tone for an album that aimed to encapsulate the band's enduring influence and captivating style.

Steps - Platinum Collection - Full Collection -

Furthermore, a 16-page Deluxe Album booklet served as a treasure trove of the band's 25-year journey. This enchanting visual diary, fashioned as a fun and flirtatious collage, showcased behind-the-scenes photographs and band diaries, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the band's rich history.

The culmination of JAM Creative's artistic journey left the band, record label, and creative team thrilled with the results. As the album hit the shelves, fans worldwide were treated to a captivating visual tapestry that celebrated the icons and their remarkable legacy.

In essence, JAM Creative's collaboration with Steps crafted a visual spectacle that mirrored the band's lasting impact on the music industry. With their creative prowess, seamless execution, and attention to detail, JAM Creative played an instrumental role in immortalizing Steps' enduring presence within the hearts of fans across the globe.

Steps - Platinum Collection - Megamix -
Steps - Platinum Collection -
Steps - Platinum Collection - Full Collection -
Steps - Platinum Collection - Megamix -


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