When celebrated Bristol-based quartet The Ramona Flowers released their single “California” – via Distiller Records, they turned to long-time collaborators Jam Creative to create both an animated lyric video and performance video. The song is a sound for the summer; an up-tempo anthem, about self-development, making positive changes to be a better human being, for yourself and those you love. At the same time, the song speaks of the doubt and insecurity of falling short of such lofty goals. 

For the animated lyric video, JAM embraced the song's essence, employing a Californian colour palette and a rolling camera effect to symbolise the turbulence within an unsettled mind.

The Ramona Flowers - California - Distiller Records

The video features iconic Californian scenes, including beaches, palm-lined streets, and the Golden Gate Bridge, folding into a kaleidoscopic frenzy that mirrors the uncertainty depicted in the lyrics.Throughout the video, the band's logo, a silhouette of a head in profile, emerges repeatedly, acting as a portal to transition between scenes. The result is a captivating and psychedelic lyric video that offers viewers a visual insight into the mind of the lead vocalist and lyricist, Steve Bird. In the performance video, JAM invited the band members—Steve Bird, Sam Dyson (guitar),Dave Betts (keyboards, guitar),and Ed Gallimore (drums)—to Sunbeam Studios in London. The band performed against a projection-mapped backdrop that incorporated elements from the animated lyric video, creating a seamless visual connection between the two versions.

Steve Bird - The Ramona Flowers - California - Distiller Records

In another set up, a 12K light was strategically placed on set to recreate the Californian sunlight, adding a beautiful touch to the overall aesthetic. This performance video not only showcased the band's dynamic presence but also ensured a cohesive identity for the single's marketing launch. The filming session concluded with JAM capturing a series of band photos, perfect for sharing on social media and as part of the single's promotional campaign, especially for their upcoming summer festival performances. The collaboration between The Ramona Flowers and JAM Creative resulted in captivating visuals that enhanced the essence of "California" and provided fans with an immersive experience of the song's themes and emotions.

Dave Betts - The Ramona Flowers - California - Distiller Records
The Ramona Flowers - California - Distiller Records
Steve Bird - The Ramona Flowers - California - Distiller Records
Dave Betts - The Ramona Flowers - California - Distiller Records


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