JAM Creative, known for its expertise in creating visually exciting and dynamic content, was entrusted with a unique project – producing a lyric video for the hauntingly beautiful song "For Those Who Can't Be Here" by Scottish artist Tom Walker. The song carries a poignant message about missing loved ones during Christmas time who have passed away. The goal was to capture the essence of the song by paying tribute to its themes in a visually engaging and kinetic manner.

The creative concept for the lyric video revolved around an animated candle flame, symbolising the essence of the song's themes.

Tom Walker - For Those Who Can't Be Here_3 -

The candle flame represented the presence of loved ones, and the video would showcase its extinguishing, leaving only whispers of smoke behind as a metaphor for the loss of those who are no longer with us. The idea was to convey the emotional impact of missing someone during the holiday season through captivating visual storytelling.

Using the animation program Cinema 4D, the camera tracked the movements of the candle smoke, which took on various forms, such as silhouettes of people and Christmas paraphernalia, representing the memories and presence of the departed loved ones. Additionally, the smoke elegantly spelled out the heartfelt lyrics of the song, weaving the words into the animation seamlessly.

Tom Walker - For Those Who Can't Be Here_2 -

Both the song and video struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Upon its release, it garnered an overwhelming response, amassing over half a million views within the first few days. The video elicited strong emotions from viewers, connecting with them on a deeply personal level. The success of the lyric video solidified JAM Creative's strong partnership with Tom Walker and his team. The video not only showcased the agency's exceptional animation skills but also demonstrated their ability to bring meaningful and emotionally engaging stories to life through visual storytelling.

Tom Walker - For Those Who Can't Be Here -
Tom Walker - For Those Who Can't Be Here_3 -
Tom Walker - For Those Who Can't Be Here_2 -
Tom Walker - For Those Who Can't Be Here -


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