Wella's TrendVision Award Final (TVA) stands as the premier hairdressing event of the year, captivating the industry with its unique mastery, craftsmanship, and creativity. This much-celebrated event showcases the incredible talent of finalists and offers breath-taking presentations from Wella Artists, inspiring and pushing creative boundaries. The event is broadcasted globally, and JAM Creative took on the task of elevating the show hosted at the Excel, London, making it an unforgettable experience.

JAM's involvement in the event spanned a wide spectrum, from creating the opening and closing stings for the global broadcast to producing captivating screen graphics for the award ceremony to designing, developing and delivering an array of creative films for various catwalk shows, where finalists presented their artistic creations to impress the judges.

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The production was a multi-faceted endeavour, involving diverse elements such as shooting on the streets of London and within the London Underground. Practical effects were prioritised, and innovative techniques were employed to create a visceral connection with the audience. Models were placed on treadmills to achieve dynamic movements, and projection mapping was used to construct hyper-colourful environments for them to traverse. Practical effects like a giant powder Wella logo being blown away, captured in camera, and reversed in post-production added a tangible, immersive quality to the visuals.

Collaboration was key to the success of the project, with stakeholders including Wella's creative team, TVA show producers Powered By Humans, and Creative Director Andy Turner all thrilled with the outcome. 

British By Design - Wella Professionals - TrendVisionAwards - jamcreative.agency.jpg

The visuals were celebrated by global fans and industry insiders alike for capturing the essence of hairdressing while showcasing the incredible artistry of entrants from around the world.

JAM's role extended beyond content creation to capturing the proceedings through filming and photography, serving marketing, internal communication, and brand collaboration purposes.

Since their initial involvement in 2017, JAM has consistently proven to be a driving force behind the screen content for Wella's TVA. The ongoing partnership with Wella's TVA team and Creative Director Andy Turner underscores JAM's continued commitment to delivering exceptional visual experiences.

British_By_Design - Wella Professionals - TrendVisionAwards - jamcreative.agency.jpg
British_By_Design - Wella_Professionals - TrendVisionAwards - jamcreative.agency.jpg
British By Design - Wella Professionals - TrendVisionAwards - jamcreative.agency.jpg
British_By_Design - Wella Professionals - TrendVisionAwards - jamcreative.agency.jpg


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